RODIC is a multi-disciplinary project involving skills in industrial engineering, cognitive psychology and software engineering.

The objective is to contribute to the improvement of the configuration process of a reconfigurable manufacturing system by assisting the human operator in his choices and thus accelerate the process.

In order to develop a tool to help the operator, the project will propose contributions:

  • on the interface proposed to the operator (assisted creation of configurations, dashboard presenting the quality of the chosen configuration) through analyses of the cognitive activity of the operator,
  • on the generation of analysis models for the validation of configurations and the evaluation of their performance (in the broadest sense) with integration of the strategic and operational objectives of the company and finally generation of the configuration control software through model-based software engineering tools.

This project has received funding from the ANR: ANR-21-CE10-0017. The 48-month RODIC project has started in March 2022.