RODIC relies on the complementary expertise of French teams belonging to three CNRS UMR laboratories:


The lab of digital sciences of Nantes (“Laboratoire des Sciences du Numérique de Nantes : LS2N” in French) is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 6004). Most of the RODIC members of the LS2N are hired by:

The lab-STICC is a research unit historically recognized in Brittany (Laboratoire des Sciences et Techniques de l’information de la Communication et de la Connaissance). It is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 6285). RODIC members of the lab-STICC are hired by:

The Engineering science, computer science and imaging laboratory is a Joint Research Unit (UMR 7357).
RODIC members of the iCube are hired by:

Several research teams are involved, in different places:

  1. LS2N:
    • CPS3 team @ IUT de Nantes, industrial engineering, (Dr. O. Cardin, Pr. P. Castagna, Dr. M. Nouiri): specialist in Cyber-Physical Production Systems and Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems control, this team will bring its expertise in RMS (O. Cardin), flow simulation (P. Castagna) and manufacturing control systems (M. Nouiri);
    • VELO team @ Sciences Faculty of Nantes University, software engineering, (Dr. P. André, Pr. C. Attiogbé): specialist in Software Engineering and verification, this team will bring its expertise in model verification of heterogeneous modular systems (C. Attiogbé) and model–based verification and code generation (P. André);
    • NAOMOD team @ IMT Atlantique of Nantes, software engineering, (Dr. J.-M. Mottu; Dr. M. Tisi, Dr. E. Bousse): specialist in reliable software engineering by the use of models, the team will bring its expertise in the validation of systems based on the use of domain specific modeling (E. Bousse), the validation and refactoring of models (J.-M. Mottu), and the generation and deployment of sustainable code artefacts (M. Tisi).
    • FHOOX team @ University of South-Brittany of Lorient, Human-machine cooperation in complex, highly automated system, (Pr. P. Berruet, Pr. C. Chauvin, Dr. C. Guérin, Dr. N. Smith-Guérin, Dr. P. Rauffet): including specialists in Reconfiguration, Supervision, System engineering and specialists in human decision making and cognitive control, this teams will bring expertise in 2 major domains : description and evaluation of configurations (P. Berruet, N. Smith-Guérin) and work domain analysis for specification of ecological interfaces (C. Chauvin, C. Guérin, P. Rauffet);
  3. ICUBE:
    • CSIP team @ INSA of Strasbourg, industrial engineering, (Dr. V. Goepp, Dr. I. Rasovska): specialist in model-based enterprise information system engineering and manufacturing system design, this team will bring its expertise in requirements engineering, meta-modeling and enterprise architecture (V. Goepp) and on its experimental platform (I. Rasovska).