RODIC : Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems context

  • Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems (RMS) are currently considered as one of the most promising ways to make companies more adaptable to strong uncertainties
    • manufacturing systems must be designed in a modular form
    • a configuration therefore corresponds to an assembly of these modules
    • whether they are software or hardware
  • Reconfiguration phases :
    • (i) detection of the need for reconfiguration,
    • (ii) design of alternative configurations,
    • (iii) choice of the configuration to be applied,
    • (iv) production stop,
    • (v) reconfiguration,
    • (vi) production restart.

RODIC considers (iii) choice of the configuration to be applied

  • RODIC project aims at improving this process
    • by proposing a tool
    • allowing an operator in charge of the reconfiguration
    • to consider more simply and quickly the configurations (s)he wants to test

RODIC : multi-disciplinary approach

  • cognitive psychology for the cognitive analysis of the operator’s activity and the definition of the interaction to be set up with the tool,
  • industrial engineering for the contextualization of the work, the design of the configurations and the definition of the performance indicators with respect to the enterprise architecture, and
  • software engineering for the phase of
    • verification,
    • generation and
    • evaluation of the proposed configurations.